Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Need To Hear Your Voice

"My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27

As with all kids, when my children were young they would often find themselves in what to them were very "scary" circumstances. Perhaps a fall from their bicycle, a skinned knee, a finger accidentally closed in the door or a "monster in the closet" at bedtime. Even more terrifying for them (and for me) were the few times we got separated in a department store, a family picnic or playground. Panic sets in with children usually about the time they realize that no one who looks familiar is anywhere around and they know they need some help.

However, I noticed something very interesting when my children were separated from me--I usually discovered it long before they did. In fact, I was already looking for them before they realized that they needed me. I began calling out to them often before they knew they were lost. Because of that, they usually heard my voice long before they saw my face. The sound of my voice was such a comfort that it helped them calm down until they could see me with their eyes.

The spiritual lesson here is more than obvious, isn't it? Do you ever have those days when the enemy really does seem to be "coming in like a flood"? (Isaiah 59:19) Do you ever feel the need to cry out to the Lord, "I need to hear your voice!" Or as my children used to say, "I need you, I need you!" I have learned to do that more and more the older I get. And guess what I've discovered? He has started calling out to me long before I even realized I was working up to that panicky feeling. He already knew I needed to hear Him. His voice often sounds something like this: "It's going to be OK. I know what's going on better than you do. Don't make any quick decisions, don't panic. I really am still in control. Hold on to me."

Feeling better already? Me, too.


D.A. said...

This was an awesome post. Thank you LeighAnne. I really spoke to me. Thank you.

barbara said...

Me too... Thank you

Beverly said...

Makes me think of my little Maybell, and how she looks to me and how I sound to her, am I crabby? I see her reaction to what state I am in. As parents we can calm the storm when we are calm. Most days I need my time with the Lord to be that for someone else. If I don't get my time with Him, I find I am not much good to anyone else. I need you Lord more than anything or anyone else.
Please pray for May as her mom has asked the court system for custody of May. thanks. God be with you!!