Friday, April 23, 2010

No Cost Refi?

"...For I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God which cost me nothing..."
2 Samuel 24:24

My husband have been considering taking advantage of the low interest rate offers for refinancing our home. After some considerable research, we came across a product that sounds pretty enticing. It's called a "No Cost Refi". Wow! Who could pass that up? No cost--really? Well, actually it does cost, just not up front. Still in all though, not a bad idea.

As often as I can, I try to see if there are any parallels to what is going on in the natural in my life to what God may be doing in the spiritual. So I asked myself, "What about a 'No Cost Refi' in my spiritual life"? Do I find myself "shopping" for the spiritual relationship that doesn't cost me much or for the church that doesn't ask much? Is bargain hunting a wise idea when it comes to spiritual things? Do I often approach my relationship with Christ like I do other areas in my life? Am I always looking for the best deal?

King David was a man after God's heart, not because he was perfect but because his heart was humble before God. He received correction, he desired to know God's will and maybe more than anything--he understood the meaning of sacrifice. In this passage, David was building an altar to the Lord in order to sacrifice and stop the plague on the people of Israel which his own sin had caused. Araunah the Jebusite not only sold David his threshing floor on which the altar could be built but also offered to give David the sacrifice as well. David knew this could not be. He could not make a sacrifice to the Lord which didn't cost him anything. You see, a sacrifice is not a sacrifice if it doesn't cost us something!

How expensive is your walk with Christ?

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