Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Many Things....

"Martha, Martha the Lord answered," "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her." Luke 10:41-42

I freely admit I'm a Martha. No need to try and pretend otherwise. I would have been the sister trying to run around and make everything "external" come together for Jesus' visit. I would have been very irritated with my laid back sibling who didn't seem to have the sensitivity to jump in with both feet (and hands) and help me as I wore myself to a frazzle just trying to "make life a little better for everyone around me!" Can you hear that "poor me--martyr" thing coming through here?

I've come to realize that being a multi-tasker is not necessarily a blessing. It can also mean that I'm a "multi-worrier". There are plenty of things out there to worry about if you're interested. Take your pick! Have you noticed that as soon as something you have been so concerned about and prayed over is resolved, something else steps up and fills in that empty spot?

Jesus was so loving with Martha. Notice he didn't say "Martha, when will you ever get it together? I'm so sick and tired of your attitude. You are driving all of us in this room nuts with your perfection issues!" No, of course not. Our Lord didn't speak to the behavior--He spoke to the person. He loved Martha so much. Notice that he spoke her name two times in a row--"Martha, Martha". That alone is evidence of His love and compassion for her. He could see that not only was she worried, she was also upset. Her worrying had led her down a path of being angry and frustrated with those around her for not joining in with her and becoming just as driven as she was. Driving can be relaxing--being driven never is.

Jesus said that Mary chose what was better and that it would not be taken from her. Mary chose to sit at Jesus' feet and learn from him. Helping, serving and even ministering are very good things, but spending time with Jesus in much better. In fact, it is sitting as His feet that empowers us to do those other things with a much deeper understanding of why they matter. I'm learning each day that I have a choice whether or not to take the time to spend with Jesus or to busy myself with everything else that seems so important at the time.

How about you--Mary or Martha? You do have a choice, you know.

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