Monday, September 29, 2008

The Rescuer

"For he has rescued us from the one who rules in the kingdom of darkness, and he has brought us into the Kingdom of his dear Son." Colossians 1:13

Sounds like a good movie doesn't it--"The Rescuer"?

We all like to think of being rescued don't we? It always makes us feel good to know that the good guy snatched the victim out of the clutches of the bad guy. But this verse is even better! It says that if we know Christ we already have been rescued! If you read on it just keeps getting better--not only has he rescued us, he has brought us into the Kingdom of his dear Son! Sounds pretty good to me.

I have to ask myself though, am I living like one who has been rescued and brought into the Kingdom or am I still allowing the enemy to lie to me and treat me like his victim?

How about you? It's your choice you know. I'm choosing the rescuer who takes me from "strength to strength".


Diane said...

I'm choosing the rescuer who takes me from "strength to strength", and not be a victim to Satan's lies and deceptions. I do believe it is a daily choice or even a hour to hour choice to grab hold of our thoughts and believe in the facts of God's word not our feelings that change from moment to moment. May we all bond together and support each other to remember that we already have been rescued by the living God. Have a blessed day.


Diane said...

Prayer request: For my daughter, Sarah and my new grandson, Isaiah. Isaiah has been having repeated episodes of wheezing and a bad cold. The doctor wants to start him on a treatment for two months to see if this can get under control. His wheezing has been scaring Sarah and she does not like using medications especially when he is so small(1 year old). They have just bought a new house with many issues coming up, and she feels like things just keep happening that are challenging. When he got sick again yesterday she felt like just crying and is crying out to the Lord that she feels at the end of her rope. I spoke with her this morning about looking at her life from "strength to strength" instead of crisis to crisis. She feels she is getting weaker, and I explained to her that God will get stronger in her life as she surrenders the events and circumstances to him. Could everyone please pray for her to trust God with Isaiah and his well-being and pray for complete healing of her fears and his sickness. And that she may begin to understand the concept of "strength to strength" and see her life in that way. And may she feel God's peace. Thank you all. God bless you.

Beverly said...

Hello Diane,
How is your daughter and Isaiah doing? Better I hope and pray.

Thank you for reminding me about "Strength to Strength".
Wow!! God is good!!